Wednesday, 31 August 2016

What to grow next?

Just thinking about what I should be sowing/planting next ?

I don't really have a great deal of seeds.
The pack of Rocket I picked up for 20p I might sow some of those today, along with winter lettuce.

The last of the spuds have been dug, these should keep us going for a few weeks.

Last night's harvest.

I still have two Green Pepper Plants they are doing very well.

Mixed colour Pepers

Still lots of Chilli's 

The nine Cabbage plants which we bought from Wyevale reduced to 50p for the lot have been planted out, they had a little attack from the Cabbage Whites, but this has put a stop to them.

Only a few Courgettes left.

Cucumbers were a big fail, I did sow regular Cucumbers and Mini Munch and only one Mini Munch plant grew and this is all it has on it and it looks to be know good. 

Tom's are still going strong.

So when I have some space when everything has finished, I need to get something else in.

I shall do some more of the White Lisbon Spring Onions and also Giant Winter Spinach which done very well last year.

Even though we have only got a small growing area and the greenhouse, growing some produce has saved us money, and it does taste better.

So I need some ideas as what to put in the ground outside next, and also can anything be grown inside the greenhouse in pots in the Winter?

Any ideas or advice please ?