Friday, 19 August 2016

Welcome to my new followers Sue & Nim.

On Fridays I thought I would start doing a regular post about freebies, bargains, and couponing.

So this week no freebies.

Yellow sticker shopping.

Large 400g tins of Tuna

I love cooking and baking but I have to confess I hate making pastry so when I see it reduced I always grab it.

I hadn't a clue what this Cottage Garden Perennial was, but for 35p I thought I would take a chance.

After searching on the net I see it grows quite big, but I have the perfect spot for it. It will fill in a big gap.

Another day, thought I should grab the last cookies and another big tin of Tuna.

Not a huge saving but when we spend weekends out at the car boots I like something quick and easy for tea.

I bought Pork Cheeks once before when reduced, ideal for the slow cooker, made into a casserole.

I only found two coupons this week.

I only use coupons when it makes the item free or when the item is on promotion.

The flash concentrated gel is usually £2.32 in Morrisons, it is on offer there for £1.00 so with the coupon I paid 50p.

Debbie and Andrews Sausages in Morrison's again,  £2.97 per pack or two packs for £3.00 , so with the coupon, I paid £1.50, so 75p a pack which is not bad for decent sausages. 

Coupons from


Some times you can only print out one coupon, other times you can print more than one. So I might see if I can print another lot for the sausages.