Saturday, 2 July 2016

Whilst Hubby has been watching the footie I decided I should have a little play with my lovely new sewing machine.

I watched the instruction dvd last night.

I was extremely nervous, because I am not very good with technology and gadgets.

I followed the step by step instructions on how to put the bobbin in and thread the machine.

The booklet was very good, really good diagrams.

Then I thought I would have a go at some of the stitches, I haven't tried them all yet.

Not to bad for first attempt I couldn't master the circle one at the bottom.

I absolutely love it, it threads the needle for you - I haven't tried that bit yet, that will be tomorrows lesson. It cuts the thread for you, you don't have to pull the bobbin thread up, it has a foot pedal but you can use it without, which I did, You can choose your speed. You can just do so much with it, then I have the quilting pack to look at sometime. I never thought I would get excited about a sewing machine, but it is just brilliant.