Sunday, 3 July 2016

Welcome to my new follower The 3-year Challenge.

Some bargains I have bought this week.

I really liked this canvas after seeing it in B & Q, it was £20 in there.
I spotted this one on Gumtree for £5, so was well pleased.

From the charity shop.
A Marks & Spencer Per Una bag as new £3.99

50 p for all these little books.

Box of Soaps & 2 bath & body sets.
£1.00 each. (originally from boots)
I might keep these or I might put in the Christmas box, the packaging is a bit battered, but I could still make into little gift baskets.

From the car boot sale today.

Love this picture, we use to have this one and several other cherub ones in our bedroom in our own house.

So this one will be going in the bedroom, I am going to paint the frame gold.

It is a good size.

It cost £2.00

This Table Cloth was brand new, it said Christmas on the packaging, but other than the gold, not really Christmas in my opinion.
It would fit our table perfectly when extended, but it is very rare we have it extended to six seats, most of the time it is a nice square which seats four, I have several things in mind for this, a smaller table cloth, and a cushion cover, or a side board runner and a cushion cover.

I just love cream & gold.
I paid £1.50 for it.

A flower press £1.50

Finally a nice bar of triple milled soap for £1.00

It smells so nice.

So pleased with my goodies this week, some nice things for not a lot of money.