Friday, 22 July 2016

We have had a very relaxing few days.
We decided whilst we are living here we are going to explore the Cotswolds, there are so many towns and villages and places to visit.

Yesterday we visited Cirencester and Stroud, Cirencester was a nice town, wasn't that keen on Stroud.

Today we went to Gloucester which is only 10 -15 mins from us. They are having the three day food festival.

Love these aprons, wish I had got one now, I bet they were pricey though.

The only thing I bought was a sun catcher crystal.

Afterwards we wondered around the shops for a few hours.
When we got home Jack presented us with one of these each from the food festival.
I did try a few samples and they were so nice, the chap on the stall said you wouldn't be able to eat one in one sitting. Well I'm not so sure about that :-)
We will look forward to eating these later, I know you like to read mummys blog, thankyou Jack that was very kind  x

I heard Asda were selling off some of there shower gels for 38p, like the ones I got for 20p back along. Everytime I pop up there the shelves are empty.
I went up  last night  before closing time whilst the evening staff were restocking but they still didn't have any, but I did manage to get some 10p veg.
3 x Brocolli
2 x Carrot & Swede Mix
1 x Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Mix.

 I'm getting in practice for my new blog

This morning I went back up to see if the shower gels were in , but no luck, but I did find these.

I had 5 of the Bath Soak, which I can use for a bath or put in the hand wash dispensers.
6 of the mens shower gels.
8 of the Blissful Escape for me.
All these are reduced to clear in all Asda stores.
The bath soak were 75p - reduced to 38p.
The Imperial leather were reduced to 45p, I think it is only the two sorts here.

I won't be buying anymore bubble bath or shower gel whilst living here, even if it is 20p again.


  1. What a lovely looking food festival.
    I love trying samples of things too!

    X x

  2. Loved the aprons at the food festival. Amazing bargains. Sadly we don't have an Asda...

    1. Yes I wish I got one but like I say they would have been pricey.

  3. See that big building at the end of the food market next to the Museum? I used to work on the top floor - very convenient for the food festivals we always had a good lunch on those days! Have to agree re Stroud - I was never keen.

    1. Really , I bet my post bought back some lovely memories for you, I was disappointed with Stroud.

  4. I love food festival things. Trouble is, too much to tempt!! That was sweet of your son to surprise you. I didn't find any Asda bargains this week because I did the weekly shop online instead. But I'll keep my beady eye open. I know the ironing water I had stocked up on for 20 p has gone back up now!

    1. Hi Sadie I could have come away with loads but was very disciplined. It is funny how Asda reduce things and then it goes back up, have a nice Sunday xx

  5. The food festival looks great. I do love having a wander around seeing what's what.

    1. Me too it is a lovely way to spend a day.

    2. Don't know how I missed this post. You've done well on your bargains again. What's your plans for the future? Do you have any yet?


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