Wednesday, 20 July 2016

There are plenty of jobs that need doing in the garden but I just haven't got the energy with this heat so I have been doing a little bit here and there.

I have sown more Radishes in a bucket, I already have two buckets with Radishes in and they have been a great success,  I pulled up the last of the spring onions as they were getting a bit tatty (nothing gets wasted here), and done another sowing. I had a few Micro Salad seeds left just enough to do another tray, and I also done another tray of lambs lettuce. I will continue to do regular sowings for a while so there are plenty of lettuce and salad leaves to go  with all the lovely tomatoes, which are just starting to ripen.

Here is my little harvest from the garden today.

The Courgettes are doing very well, they are loaded.

A few other random garden photos.

The garden bench and chairs from freecycle have been transformed.

 One thing about this hot weather it has left the four water butts completely dry which means taking water from the kitchen which I don't like doing, but never mind I am sure we will have some rain soon.