Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sunday Bargains

As usual it was a trip to the car boot sales again today.

Only a few bargains for me today.

Some brand new cushions for the patio chairs £1.00

Three pretty tea light holders £1.00

£2.00 for 5 cd's

A couple of Hardy Plants.

We also had one very big purchase £100 new camera for £30.

I have been wanting a macro lens for my Nikon for sometime now and they cost between £150 - £200, so the new camera will do the same job.

Most of the photo's on this blog I use the camera on my phone but I get annoyed with it as it doesn't always focus, so hopeful in a few days time when I have worked out how to use it  the pictures on here will be better.

When we got back from the car boot, I realised there was only a splash of milk left, so much to my annoyance ( we try to avoid supermarkets at weekends)  we popped up to Morrison's .

Glad we did, I will make an effort to go up again at the weekends now as I was very pleased these bargains.

My other blog will be starting tommorow