Sunday, 17 July 2016

I really look forward to the weekends and going out to the car boot to see what bargains we can find. We never really spend that much, I like to have a haggle, my hubby laughs at me but if you don't ask you don't get.

This weeks purchases.

Candle Set & Diffuser - Rose - £1.00

A lovely picture £1.00
We already have one by the same artist, I will be painting the frame gold.

I just love this cushion, I would not usually buy cushions from the carboot if used, but this has just been used for display and as new, the lady said it cost lots when it was new.
I paid £3.00.

 I have quite a collection of serviettes, but for 25p a pack I will always pick them up.

Double cd for 30p.

I just love pretty china, this was £1.00
This is the start of a collection, I just love Violets.

 I found this cup for 30p.

I already had a saucer, they are different makes, but I think they match very well.

And finally a couple of new writing sets for 20p each.

So some lovely things for very little money.