Thursday, 28 July 2016

I have already been thinking ahead about next years growing season.

We spotted a Stainless Steel Catering Table on Freecycle, just the thing to put in the greenhouse.

Now I have two tables with room on top and underneath, I want to grow lots more next year, we only have the little area next to the greenhouse, so lots more will be grown in pots, I want to do as much as possible next year as the following year it could and probably will be time to move on again so no sowing can be done then.

I will also be growing more bedding plants from seed even though they are cheap at the car boot I can still grow cheaper, hopefully only for the cost of the compost as I have started to collect seed.

Delphinium, Marigold & Pansy seeds.
I also have a big tub of Sweet Pea Pods drying out.

At last the Tomatoes are ripening.

Tonight's tea was lovely fresh Salad and  Courgettes from the garden.
In a few days we will be having a look to see how many Potatoes we have.

I will leave you with a picture of the Dahlia's.

We also have some in pots, they have done very well, not bad for a Poundland purchase.

Off to have a read of my new books £1.00 each from the charity shop.

 Then I will be watching Hugh's War on Waste on BBC One at 9.