Monday, 27 June 2016

Today we took a trip out to Weston Super Mare which is about an hour from home.

It has been several years since we last went there, what a cheek if you want to go on the pier you have to pay a £1 each now. So we left that.

We had a lovely day just strolling around, we went into loads of charity shops, but as usual the prices were ridiculous, I have found a really good one now at home and I go there a few times a week now.

I lost some more weight last week, and seeing as it was a day out a treat was allowed.

On the way back we stopped off in Bristol.
We went to Ikea, we have never been there before.

Sorry if the pics are a bit blurry I was so busy dashing here and there so much to see.

Love this....

My hubby said he would quite like one of these.

This is a hob extractor fan.

There was so much to see I soon gave up taking photos, if you want ideas and inspiration it's certainly the place to go, and the prices were very good, we spent two and a half hours looking around.

We only made a few purchases, new shower tidy, I found a really nice wooded chopping board for £6 and a lovely apron in the sale for £2.50.

It was a lovely day out.