Monday, 13 June 2016

Thankyou for your comments yesterday, we are cleaned up and sorted out now, basically the drains couldn't cope, the water company has been around and had a look and will report back.

This was the garden before the floods came, it turned into a bit of a jungle.

Spring Onions, Tomatoes and Courgettes are doing well, will have to sort out some sticks, The potatoes had only started to shoot when we left , there was too much earth exposed and we didn't want the local cats coming in so be covered them with mesh but they went wild and grew through the mesh. The only thing which didn't make it were the Radishes, they went to seed.
We will be busy in between the showers tidying it up again,lots of grass cutting, weeding , pruning and dead heading to be done.
I sowed a few more lettuce seeds today as well.

We missed the baby Blue Tits they have flown the nest. Never mind I am sure they will have another brood soon.

We did bring a few things back from our travels, mainly for the kitchen.

Various types of olives, tins of sweet paprika, biscuits, chocolate, coffee's, a few bags of sea salt which only cost 27p for 1kg bags.

We got 3 of these, for just over £10 which is excellent value, they will see me through for a while.

We didn't bring much wine back only one box as we have plenty here.
Hubby had a couple packs of beers. We just got some Cassis,  Some creamy Limoncello for a tot in the winter , a large bottle of Vodka for making Blackberry Vodka and some Gin for making the Sloe gin when the time comes again.

A purple teapot and cafetiere,(my favourite colour) to go with my other purple kitchen bits, a nice bottle for my Olive Oil.

A little hand painted pot and a scoop for to keep my sea salt in so I can put near the cooker.
A Madeleine mould.

There were so many lovely ceramic bowls, we chose this large one for a salad bowl.
We also found some new salad servers which compliment the colours of the bowl.

A large glass cake plate.

We collected lots of shells.

I found a wooden box for a couple of Euro's , so I am going to make a shell box, I also bought a few shells. Another idea was to put some of the photos of us on holiday in some wooden frames and decorate with some shells.
That will be a rainy day project when I have caught up with everything else.

And I couldn't come back from my first visit to Spain without a fan.