Sunday, 12 June 2016

Hello dear readers, we have just returned from a fantastic holiday, I was going to write a long post about it but it won't be so long now, as disaster struck when we arrived home after being in for around 20 mins there was the most awful downpour and within 10 mins the kitchen and the lounge started flooding.

It got up to about 2 ins, and it was horrible dirty smelly water.

What a nightmare it took us hours to sort it out, we don't live near a river it was just the volume of water, the patio flooded and it was coming in from the side of the bungalow, I have never seen rain like it the drains couldn't cope, not a very nice welcome for us.

Lucky this place is tiled throughout , no carpets just my lovely rugs, we were gutted seeing our lovely furniture stood in it.

So a little about the  holiday, we have been on holiday for 21 days, it was the longest holiday we have had, we went to L'Estartit in Spain. We had an overnight stop in France on the way, we stayed in Orleans. Then the next day went on to Spain where we had an apartment  for 16 days, we booked in January ,the apartment was only just under £20 a day, it was nice, modern clean and tidy a bargain.

Then we travelled back to France and had another 2 nights in Orleans and then 2 nights in Bethune. The hotels were only budget ones, we always use now, we gave ourselves a budget and ending up coming home with money, we ate most meals in the apartment, there was a Lidl just a few minutes away and we use to go there daily to pick up a few bits for tea. When we had long days out we ate out.

The beach in L'Estartit.

A little Gecko on our balcony.

 We had a bus tour around Barcelona, and went to the Hard Rock Cafe, the burgers were the best we have eaten.( We rarely eat a burger).

We visited many old towns and beaches, we also went to the Salvador Dali Theatre and Museum, we also visited several churches and cathedrals.

I took hundreds of photos but it will take me weeks to go right through it all so here are just a few of Spain and France.

Joan of Arc

Lots of treats where consumed , but we walked so much we all came home a few pounds lighter.

Right that's it for now so much sorting out to do.

I will catch up reading your blogs soon , but I won't leave any comments as I will never catch up else.