Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Gosh where does the time go it has been days since I last posted, we are always busy doing something, it seems that we are busier since hubby retired and I stopped working.
The last few days I  have cleaned the kitchen right through sorted out the cupboards and drawers in other rooms, just a general declutter, I do this regularly there is no point hanging on to things if you don't use or want them anymore. Hubby has been busy in his shed doing up the garden bench and chairs from Freecycle.

Today has been a bit more relaxing for me.

I made my a shell box, I didn't want a box completely covered in shells, so I just kept it simple, I haven't got the time or patience to do fiddly crafts as I am not a good crafter anyway.  I painted the box in gold acrylic paint and lined it, then just a few shells on top. I have put it on my dressing table now and have my lipsticks in it.
I have hundreds and hundreds of shells left, but I still want to do a picture frame from some of our holiday pics. The rest will keep for future projects.

I also made a few cards , the main images are from free magazines and leaflets.

Some I don't put sentiments on as it is nice to have some blank ones I use those as note cards instead of writing paper.

I have so many cards now, I am being strict and not buying anymore card making bits, I have enough papers and stickers, and toppers, card blanks etc to last for years, I am going to carry on with making the ones from recycled images. These are the ones I like to make most, I like the idea of reusing.