Sunday, 26 June 2016

For a few years before we moved here we didn't have much of a garden, I know a larger garden means more work, but I just love it, I find it so therapeutic, pulling up weeds, dead heading, etc.

I am so pleased with how the garden is looking, this summer (if we ever have one) we can sit and relax as all the hard work is done, the garden looks beautiful. Weather permitting I like to go out most days to make sure it is tidy.

This lily has just burst open, it is gorgeous.

Lovely colours everywhere.

 Pleased with my Petunias which I grew from seed.

And the Sweet Peas I grew from seed.

 The Apples, Tomato's and Courgettes are coming along now.

The Cast Iron Fountain which came from Freecycle has now been turned into a planter.


Instead of buying a pack of Sunflower Seeds, I took some out of the bird seed.

When I see some seed pods on the Delphiniums and Sweet Peas I am going to save them, so I can get free plants next year.

Does anyone else collect seeds? What works for you?

The Sweet Peas smell wonderful, I couldn't resist bringing a few in for the kitchen.

I bought these Sweet Williams about two days after we came back from holiday, they are still going strong.

I get so much pleasure from beautiful plants and flowers.