Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Come and have a walk around the garden.

Welcome to my new follower Candbharrison.

 We have worked hard inbetween the awful rain, thunder and lightning and the garden is all tidy again.

My Sweet Peas which I grew from seed.

This Rose is loaded with buds, the first picture is from last year when we first got it now look at it .

I have also sown more Radishes, Lambs Lettuce, Gourmet Salad, & Lettuce.

Apples forming nicely.

We have 2 types of Potatoes, here is one lot, they are all looking good.

As are the Courgettes and Tomatoes.

I pulled up a few Spring Onions to go with the Salad, it is true nothing tastes as good as Home grown.

And to finish, one of the little Bluetits came back in the garden he was following his Dad while he was on the feeder. Isn't he cute.