Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Thankyou for the comments yesterday , I have decided I should keep things as they are save any confusing and most of you like it as it it.

What a difference in the weather the last few days, on Sunday I was in my sundress, now back to jeans and a cardigan.

Well at least with all the rain the plants have had a good soaking and the water barrels are full again.

I just went for a little walk around the garden, the Bluetits are buzzing in and out the nest box on the top of the shed, they have babies.

The Sweet Peas are gradually climbing up the string, Raspberry & Blackcurrant bushes are very slow, not sure if they will fruit, the Two Gooseberries are doing very well, one has a couple of fruits already.
Potatoes have started to appear.
The lovely Orange Lily from last year is coming along nicely.
Four Courgettes have been planted out amongst the Cabbages.

The Azaleas are started to bloom.
The Irises are starting to open, these are one of my favourite's.

A while ago now when two of my houseplants finished flowering I cut them back and put them in the greenhouse, before the days of a greenhouse they would have gone in the garden waste, they are now doing well and come back indoors.


Minature Roase

As the Iris is one of my favourite flowers, I just had to buy these yesterday.
Reduced of course to £1.16.
They are perfect for my new vase.