Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Hello friends, thankyou for your comments on the last post, I will try and get around to doing another follow up post, but I just seem to be really busy lately.

We went to four car boots over the weekend.
The only thing I bought was the blue vase, some cd's and a book on collectables.

I took some things into the charity shop today, and came back with a Teapot set, some old plates and a pretty summer dress.

Who remembers these Swan Teapot sets from the 1950's /1960's. 

My pretty Papaya summer dress £3.99

The warmer weather is on the way, hopefully I won't have to wait too long before I can wear it.

The parasol came out of the shed today.
Typical it clouded over.

Other snippets.
My Pink Tulips are finally out.

Some birdie pictures.

 Percy the Pigeon made me laugh he just sat in the bird bath for ages.

My sweet little Robin enjoying his suet.

Almost a free tea for us tonight, if you go on here www.magicfreebies.co.uk there is £1.00 coupon for Genius Pies, you find them in the freezer section, they are in Morrisons reduced to clear, (not out of date) for only £1.00.

So these were completely free, with some spinach and cabbage from the garden, the only cost of our meal tonight will be a few spuds.

I love the taste of free.

I forgot to mention I had to go for my routine check at the Breast Care Centre, they gave me my mammogram results from Friday.  All is good.