Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Welcome to my new follower Kate.

Why is it every time I buy pears they never seem to ripen, the skin is not looking very nice and they are still hard.

So yesterday I thought I must do something with them.

I can't abide waste so I poached them.

I have just eaten some with some yogurt for breakfast. Lovely.

I had three small lemons and a couple of oranges which needed using up so I made some curd.

It didn't make much but it used them up and now I have some lovely curd for putting in a sponge.



Last night for tea, we used some home grown carrots and spinach, they tasted so good, really different to shop bought, so nice to go and pick a few things from the garden when you want it, you can't get any fresher than that.

After tea we went out for a walk and popped into Home Bargains to see if they had any seed Potatoes, we got a couple packs 79p each.

We grew a few last year before we moved for the first time and was pleased with the results and they are easy to grow.

The greenhouse is thriving now, must get on lots of potting on to be done.