Friday, 1 April 2016

Not much going on here , not really anything interesting to blog about at the moment, just normal everyday life just doing everyday things.

The boys have sorted out there own shopping and cooking this week , I don't mind  I don't interfere
 I was presented with this, which I thought was very nice.

Can't believe another month has gone.

This month I am having a low spend on groceries as the fridge freezer we have here is playing up, the freezer is good but the fridge and temperature has a mind of its own , we are being given another one from the landlord, the fridge is bigger than the freezer and the freezer is only 3 drawers instead of 4, so I have to use up and empty 1 drawer before we swap over. Also I want to clear a bit out from the cupboards.

I went up to Morrison's this morning for mostly fresh things, we eat lots of fresh produce that's one thing I never cut back on, I must stop doing it on Friday, it drives me nuts, lots of pushing and shoving with the trolleys , people standing around yapping blocking the aisles, I like my shopping to be a pleasant experience, not have to put up with all that.

Todays shop was very simple, mostly fridge items.

Yes more chocolate but that was on offer and I always keep some in the baking cupboard.

I am going to try and be more organised and keep a proper spending diary on paper, instead of in my head.Then I can see every penny spent .

I got another £5.00 voucher today, so that will be saved with the rest for Christmas.

I found these up Morrison's today.

A very good buy.

We are taking some things to the charity shop later, so of course I will have a browse, I do not feel guilty about buying more as I regularly sell our unwanted items.

Then this afternoon I will list some more things on Ebay.

The weather is meant to be nice this weekend so hopefully it will be off to the carboot.