Monday, 25 April 2016

Garden success's and failures

Last year I sowed, Sprouting Broccoli, Turnips, Beetroot, Carrots, Cabbages, Spinach, Spring Onions.


Broccolli - Seemed to be doing fine and then went down hill - no Brocolli
Turnips - Not very good - had a few
Beetroot - No good
Carrots - Good all eaten now
Cabbages - Caterpillars destroyed several of them in the winter ( yes winter), the remaining seven, we will eat over the net few weeks.
Giant Spinach - Impressed, eaten a few lots, still growing.
Spring Onions - are still growing well and looking good.

In the greenhouse this year I sowed Lettuce - no show- must have been duff seeds?
Lambs Lettuce growing well.
Many of the seeds did not grow but I have.
4 x Courgettes
9 x Money Maker Tomatoes
3 x Cherry Tomatoes 

I planted extra Tomatoes in case some didn't show as I love Tom's, So now we have 12 plants .

Only 1 Cucumber has surfaced - Mini Munch Variety.
1 x Chilli
3 x Peppers

Potatoes were planted a few weeks ago.

I am not really going to bother with winter veg  much next time.

I also have fruit bushes, so hopefully they will give me something this year.

Still some bedding plants to go out, but it is still a bit cold and frost still threatens.

The Garden is bursting with lovely colours.

The garden is coming together nicely now, plants just need to grow and get more established, a few more bedding plants dotted around and it will be finished.
I will show it off in a month or so.
It will be really nice to sit in the garden and relax as all the hard work will be done.