Monday, 25 April 2016

Garden success's and failures

Last year I sowed, Sprouting Broccoli, Turnips, Beetroot, Carrots, Cabbages, Spinach, Spring Onions.


Broccolli - Seemed to be doing fine and then went down hill - no Brocolli
Turnips - Not very good - had a few
Beetroot - No good
Carrots - Good all eaten now
Cabbages - Caterpillars destroyed several of them in the winter ( yes winter), the remaining seven, we will eat over the net few weeks.
Giant Spinach - Impressed, eaten a few lots, still growing.
Spring Onions - are still growing well and looking good.

In the greenhouse this year I sowed Lettuce - no show- must have been duff seeds?
Lambs Lettuce growing well.
Many of the seeds did not grow but I have.
4 x Courgettes
9 x Money Maker Tomatoes
3 x Cherry Tomatoes 

I planted extra Tomatoes in case some didn't show as I love Tom's, So now we have 12 plants .

Only 1 Cucumber has surfaced - Mini Munch Variety.
1 x Chilli
3 x Peppers

Potatoes were planted a few weeks ago.

I am not really going to bother with winter veg  much next time.

I also have fruit bushes, so hopefully they will give me something this year.

Still some bedding plants to go out, but it is still a bit cold and frost still threatens.

The Garden is bursting with lovely colours.

The garden is coming together nicely now, plants just need to grow and get more established, a few more bedding plants dotted around and it will be finished.
I will show it off in a month or so.
It will be really nice to sit in the garden and relax as all the hard work will be done.


  1. Loving the new header. Any brassica require a net or your forever caterpillar hunting. Mine will go outide soon and we'll build the net cage ASAP, checking the plants regularly. Your photos are great.

    1. Thankyou Tania, I used something called picMonkey for the header and the pictures (I only use the free to use bits of course). I think that is the key you have to check regularly to make sure the little pests don't take over x

  2. two things before I go any further, love your blog makeover, the header is gorgeous, and secondly, I really like the dress you found in the previous post. So pretty!
    I love PicMonkey, it's my favourite place to edit. If you want another option for making montages, try, also free and also good.

    Enjoyed your lists of what worked or didn't work in your garden. we're growing parsnips and some other winter veg (can't remember what, though Bill has told me), so I'll let you know how we get on. ooh. Peas. Must start off some peas. Do you grow any? They are so easy, although not many make it to the plate as Violet and I go out and scoff them straight from the pod!

    Your garden is certainly a busy place!

    Thank you for your comment today, made me smile :O) xx

    1. Thanks Sadie, I am always changing the look, techno stuff doesn't come easy to me, I will take a look at
      That dress is so me Purple roses, and I love classic styles.
      I do have peas but not sown yet, fresh peas straight from the pod, lovely xxxx

  3. We aren't going to bother with the winter veg this year, it was a lot of hard work for very little reward. I find that buying the surplus from a chap who has an allotment is a more cost effective way of getting fresh but cheap veg.

  4. Every year our plot gets easier and cheaper to get looking good. Your plants are lovely and colourful. A couple of your flowers are ahead of mine.

  5. Your garden is beautifully colourful. What a shame not all your veg has been successful. I've never thought about growing spinach. Maybe I should as we eat quite a lot of it here. X

  6. Can I suggest Leeks and Parsnips as good veg to grow for the winter. They are very hardy and should be fine over winter. PS: Love your blog

    1. Thankyou, yes I might do leeks, one of my favourites, thanks for stopping by, x

  7. Such a colourful entry! I love your new header a lot.
    I'm not rushing to sow anything, as you might read in my latest entry, and with the Arctic blast we are having I hope your seedlings stay safe in the greenhouse!
    Deb xo

    1. Thankyou I am not good with technology but I am think I did very well with the new look, yes my seedlings are doing well x


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