Sunday, 3 April 2016

Although a bit chilly the weather stayed dry for us this weekend so we ended up going to three car boot sales.

Remember the pretty plates I got from the charity shop a while ago  how lucky was that to find some of the same design, different shape for the other ones though, but that doesn't matter.

£3.00 paid

Then it was mostly plants.

Much cheaper than any garden centre.

Hollyhocks , Two more Anemone's All £2.00 each

A Money Tree Plant for £2.50, as you can see I have a little one already but this one is much better.
A lovely Iris £2.00
Another Hellebore, I paid £5.00 for one at B&Q the other day, this one was £2.50
We will get the rest of the plants from the car boot, so much cheaper.

A few books and dvd's 50p each.

 And some lovely farm eggs.

These were £4.00 we only use to pay £2.50 in Devon, but never mind, still nice big ones and better than the supermarkets.

A local Ebay find for £5.00.

I do love Cherubs.

Anyone else been carbooting this weekend?