Tuesday, 22 March 2016

What I have been up to the last few days.

The small car boot was cancelled at the weekend which was disappointing, so we had a very lazy relaxing weekend, hubby watched some sport, so I took myself off to the bedroom to catch up with bbc iplayer.

Monday I woke up in Spring Cleaning mode.

As I go to charity shops and car boots regularly, I have a declutter a few times a year, I sell most of  our unwanted items, but any clothing always goes to the charity shop. I don't feel bad then when I come home with more bargains as what I have sold pays for it.

 So I  have started in the bedroom.

I have been through all wardrobes and drawers, everything is neat and tidy, furniture has been pulled out and hoovered behind, mattress and pillow protectors washed.

The furniture we have in the bedroom is very practical and basic.

 When we had our own house we had a really nice fitted bedroom, the bedroom is quite boring now, but when you rent a house, things  are not usually to your liking and you have to make do and make the most of what space you have, won't be long we will have our own place soon enough, can't believe we have been here 8 months already. I really miss not having a dressing table.I had the choice of a dressing table or another wardrobe when we moved but I went for the wardrobe as I do have quite a lot of clothes and I like to keep everything neat and organised. I certainly don't need any more clothes  for the next few, years, the same goes with cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes etc.

Spending has to be cut and things have to last.

I sorted through my nail polish, I couldn't believe I have 28 bottles.

My make do dressing table

I made my make up brush holder from a jam jar and some faux jewels from the range.


I only have things in the wardrobe which will be worn and what fit, most of my clothes are just everyday casuals, but I have a few little numbers in there for special occasions, what I have now has to last.

I only had one bag for the charity shop.

I have been through my jewellery box and started cleaning some of my ' real' jewellery.

Much more sparkly now.

I have washed up my winter dressing gown, and washed some scarves.

Freshened up the Lavender Bags for the wardrobe.

So the bedroom is all done and dusted , it looks the same as it did yesterday, but I am happy knowing it has had a deep clean and good tidy.

That reminds me have you ever watched Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners? It is on Channel 4 tonight, I can't believe how they let things get to that stage.

Anyway, that's if for me tonight, off to do some keep fit and then snuggle up in bed to watch some Netflix.

Have you started Spring Cleaning ?