Thursday, 24 March 2016

This weeks Freebies & Bargains

I do love a freebie.

Here are my freebies this week.

I am not a fan of green tea but I printed out some coupons from the freebie site which made these completely free.

I have just tried the sweet mint one and I will be buying again in the future, the thing with freebies is you can try and if you don't like it it's no loss.

I also had some coupons for £1.00 off Milkshakes, I don't drink Milkshake but I got these to pass on to my son. They were on offer 2 or £1.00, I had 2 coupons, so I ended up with 4 freebies.

I have also had some freebies through the post.

Nuts from a facebook giveaway, a sweet little acorn pin badge from the Woodland Trust, some nice perfume samples, and some joint cream.

It is certainly worth checking out freebie sites.

I check these out daily.

A couple of things from freecycle.

A Water Butt (the small one on the right), it has been set up so when the other one overflows it will go into the new one. So that is 3 Water Butts we have now, which saves on the water bill, with all the plants I will have to water.

Also for the garden.

A cast iron water fountain, but we have the bird bath so don't want a fountain, hubby is going to strip it and repaint it , then it will be transformed into a  lovely planter, I should imagine it cost a lot of money from new, I just love the classic shape.

Remember the Kendwood Bread Maker which I got from Freecycle before and went wrong. Well I found another one on the Ebay local collection deals, and I got it for £12.50, it is in good condition, the girl had it for a wedding present but only used it a few times.

I didn't really do much shopping this week but just went up to get some more of the 28p veg at Morrisons before the offer ends.

I will busy next week as our son's best friend who he has grown up with is coming up from Devon and also another friend , they will be all staying with us as there is not enough room in the student digs , so I will have  lots of baking and cooking to do to  feed 3 extra hungry lads. They didn't ask us to we offered.