Monday, 14 March 2016

One of my Easter Swaps

Welcome to my new follower Thriftwizard.

I did a Easter swap the lovely Fiona

Here is my parcel,all wrapped in really pretty tissue paper.

This is what was inside.

Some cute Easter Napkins
 A lovely pack of tissues.

Some really good quality gardening gloves.

Yum, I don't know if these will last until Easter.

For my craft drawer, very pretty design.

A tape measure in the same design, I am going to pop this is my shopping trolley for when we are out and about at the carboot sales, always handy .

Some egg cosies, they are so cute.

And the Golden Bunny.

But I am afraid he is no longer in existence :-), very tasty he was too.

And this lovely hand made card.

Fiona and I have become friends through the blogging world and will be staying in touch .

Thankyou so much Fiona for your lovely gifts.


  1. lovely to see all of these eastery photos from the swapping posts, great idea

  2. What lovely gifts, love the scissors and tape measure combo.

  3. They are lovely gifts to receive xx

  4. What a fab selection of Easter gifts. I think its a really nice idea. X

  5. How wonderful, the gifts are so lovely and useful too.

  6. Thankyou everyone for all your comments, it was a lovely parcel xx

  7. What lovely and thoughtful gifts Marlene. I would love to be involved in a swap another time. X

    1. I will do another later in the year xx

  8. Awwww thanks Marlene, that's a lovely post :) So glad you liked your little gifts xxx

  9. Such lovely gifts, what a fab swap :-)

    1. Yes it was, I still have other gifts to receive as well x


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