Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Gardening & A new Visitor

My greenhouse is getting packed now, we are running out of room, we are looking out  on freecycle to see if we can get another bench or table, or some wood so hubby can make one  so we can get everything up off of the ground.

My outdoor veg hasn't been the greatest success, the broccoli are all deceased, the Spinach is not looking well and the Cabbages are being attacked. The Carrots and Turnips are ok and the Spring Onions are doing well.

I have decided I am not going to bother with greens and just stick to simple things.
These are the things which I decided I will stick to growing.

Spring onions
Lambs Lettuce
Gourmet Salad

So mostly salad things.
I had an idea for the little area which I am using for outdoor veg. I thought maybe filling with bulbs and flowers, so I could regularly pick flowers from the garden for indoors.

Yesterday I managed to take a few photo's of the sweet little Robin having a bath.

Our  new visitor is a Great Tit he has been coming back regularly.

I first spotted him in the Weeping Cherry Tree.

He has been a bit naughty though and been sending all the Bluetit's packing, this is why, there is a next box incorporated in the top of the shed .

Checking it out.

I might ask hubby to make me some more nest boxes for the side and back of the shed.

Anyway I am so happy to see daily visitors, it took a while but the wait was worth it.

The new header is one of my photos of a baby Robin last year.