Friday, 4 March 2016

Easter/Spring Swap

Welcome to my new follower C.Foley.

I have decided to do the draw for my Easter/Spring Swap today, as I have a busy weekend.

Thankyou for everyone who said they would like to join in.

As I have plenty of gifts in my bottom drawer/gift drawer, I decided to draw two names.

Hubby picked them this morning.

So the first name..........

My Empire of Dirt - Sophie please can you contact me through the email form on the bottom of my blog and we can exchange addresses.

The second name.....

Lucy's Cottage - Fiona can you also email me through the contact form at the bottom of my blog.

Thankyou to everyone else, I will be doing another swap sometime and a giveaway.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the swap items. I hope I can take part when I have more time to make things.

  2. Hurraaaaaaaaaaah! So pleased I got chosen xxx

  3. Well done, you two! Marlene's swaps are always lovely :)


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