Thursday, 24 March 2016

Another Coupon

Quick update on the last post, if you go to
there is a link to get a coupon for £1.00 each, the thin ones are £1.25 at asda at the moment so that would mean you can get a pizza for 25p.

If you checkout mysupermarket you can check the prices.


  1. I used to get the voucher codes for dr oetker and ended up with 10 pizza in my freezer regularly!

    1. Wow, pizzas are good when you want something quick, I usually make them but at when you can get them for next to nothing its silly not to have them xx

  2. I got some free face cream a very expensive type that I wouldn't normally buy. So it was a bit of a treat. I sent the application in ages ago and had forgotten about it so it was a lovely surprise when it came through. I will try the Goodfella's link as the grandchildren love pizza. Thanks for the Tip. This vegetable war between supermarkets its great for the customers. Have a wonderful Easter Marlene. Tx

  3. You couldn't make it yourself for 25p! Bargain.


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