Thursday, 17 March 2016

A productive morning

I have had a very productive morning.

I made a batch of lovely Granola.

If you have never made it before it is very easy, you can use any nuts/seeds and fruit, today I made Luxury Tropical Fruits and Pecan.

There are lots of different variations but this is how I did it today.

300g Oats
150g Nuts
150g Tropical Fruits
125 ml Maple Syrup
2 Tbsp Honey
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Exract

Heat the oven to 150 c or equivalent.

Mix the syrup , honey and vanilla in a bowl, stir in the oats and the nuts.Spread on a couple of baking sheets and bake for 15 mins, after 15 mins add the fruits and give a good mix around and bake for a further 15 mins.

It will harden up when cool so you have to be very careful not to overbake.

I used up all my pickling spice the other day, so instead of buying one from the shops I made up my own. I have plenty of herbs and spices.

I used..

Mustard Seeds
Corriander Seeds
Allspice Berries (Ground)
Chilli Flakes
Bay leaves

I didn't have any dried bay leaves so I dried a couple in the microwave.

I also made a Banana & Coconut cake, with some reduced Banana's.

Forgot to take a photo, but it has gone into the freezer.

I also made some Brown Bread from my big pack of mix.

So that is enough time in the kitchen, we will be going for a walk after lunch and then I will come back and potter in the garden and greenhouse.


  1. It is 7:23 in the morning here in Kentucky and the day is just beginning. After reading your blog this morning, it makes me want to get busy in the kitchen! Love all the delicious things you made!!

    1. Hi Juliet, work in the morning and relax in the afternoon that's how I do it.

  2. I have never made my own pickling spice before, I will certainly be giving that one a go. Like the look of your recipe for granola.

    1. Hi thankyou, I like to make most things .

  3. Wow Marlene, I am seriously impressed. Dang, you've been busy lady !! xxx

    1. Hi Fiona, after lunch we had a lovely walk and then relaxed in the garden, it was lovely xx

  4. You have been busy! Have a lovely walk :)

  5. Mornings are definitely for getting stuff done, before relaxing in the afternoon. Love the look of what you've made :)

    1. Yes I agree, get the work done first x

  6. You have been very productive. I hope you enjoyed your walk xx

  7. looks yummy, I've always wanted to try granola, but I've always been put off by the fact that it looks a bit like parrot food lol. I'll see what I can cook up sometime this week : )

    I'm going to make pickling spice soon too once I get a few more ingredients, I'm building them up lol.

    1. Show us your bakes won't you, it takes a while to build up the stores xx

  8. Great idea. If you find a mix of herbs and spices you like it makes sense to do it yourself. My mum always used to make her own curry powder.

    1. The more I can make at home the better, keeps me away from the supermarket x


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