Tuesday, 23 February 2016

What's going on the Garden

Like most people I am fed up with this cold weather, I am longing for the warmer weather and then we can finish creating our garden, Not much going on , nice to see a bit of colour here and there though.

The weeping Cherry Tree.

Hubby has made a nest box for the Robin as he comes regularly with his mate,he spends lots of time in , on and under this tree, he tucked it right up out the way and the entrance is the other side so it is concealed from predators.

The Spring Onions are looking ok.

I have about eight cabbages left, some were eaten by Caterpillars, as was lots of the Spinach, the Spinach isn't looking to good.

Carrots seem to be growing quick now, have some in the greenhouse as well.

 The Sprouting Broccoli got killed off.
The Turnips are doing well.

The herbs apart from the Parsley are looked very poorly, I don't think they like the soil, I think I will be either putting them in pots again or putting them where I have veg growing outside at the moment as it is full of nice compost and manure, the soil here as you dig deeper has lots of clay in it.

Roll on Spring, then I will be spending most of my time outside.