Friday, 12 February 2016

Well we have been at it again today, getting more bargains.
A penny saved is a penny earn't.

We took up some recycling to Morrisons and although we only went yesterday, just popped in to check the reduced sections.
Not our biggest bargains but still worth having.

I split the burgers into two's,  made three lots from the mince and  two lots from the jerk chicken, and with the pack of chicken breast, that gave us eight meals for the freezer. Notice the bags, I do not buy freezer bags I save any bread bags and sometimes use cereal bags. The trays got washed and went to the greenhouse as well.

I even picked up some reduced Roses, a little sad in places , but worth 99p.

I needed some Dishwasher tablets, I get these from Home Bargains.

30 for £1.69, and they work just as well as the expensive brands, these are the only ones I buy now.

They also had some washing up liquid reduced from 79p to 50p and it had 50% free so I had some of those. I don't use much washing up liquid as I use the dishwasher so these will keep us going for a very long time.

So with yesterdays laundry deal, that's the clothes and dishes sorted out for a while.

There is still much work to be done in the garden but we are avoiding garden centres and buying plants when we spot any cheap enough, another month the carboots will start again as well, but in Home Bargains again we spotted some Rose's for 99p, I chose this orange one. I have potted it up and left it in the greenhouse at the moment.

So although there has been more spending today, it is still saving in the long run, we haven't paid normal price for meat in month's so we get it whenever it is reduced.

Have a nice weekend, our lovely son is home for tea tonight and staying over and having lunch with us tommorow, so looking forward to family time.