Thursday, 4 February 2016

This week I discovered another way of saving, I don't know why I haven't done this before the Asda Price Promise.
At the bottom of your till receipt there is a number, you just need to enter the number online if you shop would have been cheaper elsewhere you get some money back in the form of coupons.

I shouldn't really be buying any more make up as I have plenty. But sometimes there are some good brands to be had in Poundland.

I usually find some thing for the card making cupboard.
I love these textured and glittery papers.

Another good deal I found this week was in Farm Foods.

Two 900ml bottles for £4.00, these will last a long time, I put it in a pump dispenser which stops you using too much.

Not many freebies lately.

You can get the recipe booklets on the Filippo Berio website, there are lots to choose from I just got these as I already have the others. 
Not sure where the Soap and Glory face wash came from.

Morrisons Plant of the week was either one of these or mini daff's.


Whilst out in the garden I noticed some Snowdrops under the Weeping Cherry Tree.

Several clumps, but you can't really see them unless you bend right down , I know they spread, I thought I would put some in pots, I can take some with us when we move again.

I do love flowers.