Friday, 12 February 2016

Thankyou for your comments on my last two posts.

About the stockpiling, I do want cut the grocery shopping down as far as I can, but on the other hand if there is a good offer on something you use regularly, it saves in the long run.
Yesterday I didn't really need any shopping apart from the basics but I had a Morrison's voucher for 5000 points when you spend £40 or more and it expired on Sunday to I wanted to take advantage of this.

I love the Match & More I am saving all the vouchers for Christmas. I have £10 already and next time I go after today there will be another £5 voucher.

I took advantage of this offer.

I always buy these as we are a senistive skin family .
Usually £5 each, but I got these 3 for £10. So I was getting one for free.
They will last quite a while as I used much less than it says.
So some things I will stock up on, but I will be sensible as I don't want the house to resemble a supermarket.

Thankyou for all your comments and advice about what to do with the blog.

Most of you know our story, we sold our house in 2010 and paid off our mortgage which left us with a small sum and  hubby retired when we moved so we have his  pension so we could buy a small place now,  we moved up here to be nearer to our son while he is in uni, so we are here for about two and half years more and then we want to put down roots again. But where is undecided.

Some might say having a holiday is not moneysaving and unnecessary, but we all need a break. Apart from our annual holiday and a few days out, we want to knuckle down and concentrate on saving so we have more money to play with when the time comes to move.

So I have decided to carry on with my ramblings here, a lot of it will be about moneysaving and the things I will be doing, at the end of the day this blog is my online diary which I like to share with you, some of you may think  the things I am doing to save is a good idea, others may think, that's not very nice I wouldn't dream of doing that, but at the end of the day we want our house, all paid for and to be mortage/rent free. So whatever it takes.