Monday, 8 February 2016

Thankyou for the comments on the cards on the previous post.

I have been asked where I get my supplies.
To be honest I don't have much at all at the moment, I sold up any bits I had left before we moved and am starting afresh now.

I look at the auctions ending soonest on Ebay, the Works has some good bargains, and I pick up a few bits from Poundland.
My supplies are really very basic at the moment.
The cards I made yesterday were made from some Hunkydory toppers I got from Ebay going cheap, so those cards cost me about 50p each to make, if you look out for job lots you can make cards cheaper than this.

Here are just a few basic things I keep in.

Paper stacks and Papers from the works £4.00

I even print out some papers from the internet,.

Some basic Holographic and Metallic card is always handy.

A selection of sentiments, borders, numbers can be  bought cheaply from Ebay, I tend to buy lots rather than individual sheets.

Poundland have some nice embellishments.

I got these cards from Amazon, I have cream, red and green.

Again you can buy card blanks really cheaply in the Works.

If you don't want to buy many or just want to give card making a try Asda do a pack of 5 large White cards and envelopes for £1. They can be found in the kids craft section, they are good quality.

I have 4 pairs of assorted scissors, I use glue rollers which I buy in bulk from Amazon or Ebay, foam pads are handy as well.

I was extravagant I bought some Wildlife kits, I have 6 different sorts, these make a minimum of 8 cards each, a couple of  these 3 were £5.99 each, the other 3 I got in the sale, for £2.98 each with free delivery, so I paid £26.91 in total. They have everything you need inc large size cards, so I when I make them all up, the cards will have cost around 57 p each .

Also carboots are a good place to find cheap supplies and also recycle any birthday or christmas cards and pictures from magazines.

So that's it really. I don't have much but it will soon build up.