Saturday, 6 February 2016

Spring / Easter Swap

Welcome to my new follower Wendy.

At Christmas I took part in a Christmas gift swap, it was such fun.

I have decided this year to do a few swaps.

Spring /Easter Gift Swap

Not really any rules, but to make it more fun the swap should be made up of a few smaller gifts, at least one must be Spring or Easter related.
Can be anything you like, can be something old, something new, something handmade, but please do not spend more than £15. 

I will draw one name on the 5th March, Spring begins on the 20th March, and Easter is on 27th of March, this will give us plenty of time to sort and post gifts.

So if you wish to take part, just leave a comment.


  1. I'd like to take part Marilyn! How does it work? x

    1. Hi Fiona, I will draw one name from all the people who are interested on the 5th March, and then we send each other some gifts, a selection of smaller gifts rather than one , can be old , new, handmade anything you like but do not spend more than £15, at least one must be Spring/Easter related. Hope that helps, I will put you in the draw.
      Marlene xxx

    2. Sorry I don't know why I called you Marilyn ! My fingers were not connected to my brain when I typed that ! xxx

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  2. Please pop my name in the draw, I would love to take part.

  3. Please can I join? I live in Ireland so perhaps that might be too much hassle. I don't mind posting from here though. Debbie


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