Thursday, 18 February 2016

More Yellow Stickers

Welcome to my new follower Wendy.

Now today I just needed some bread, so we thought as it was nice we would walk up to Morrison's  after lunch, it is about five minutes by car, but walking it was twenty five mins one way. Typical we spotted some yellow stickers, lucky I always carry some strong bags in my handbag.

The sausages have been bagged up into five's, and the chicken I can get three meals out of each. 

Meat when it is half the price is just to good to leave behind. 
The freezer is stuffed, my husband is in charge of packing the freezer, he packs it away and fits it in better than me. The stock gets rotated so we know exactly which drawer to use first.

I have been buying a plant every week up Morrison's today I found this one reduced.

Nothing wrong with it, just pulled off a few scruffy leaves, has lots of buds.

I do love plants.

So that was some £10.86 well spent, I am sure if I tried really hard we could live on £20 a week for groceries, I am going to monitor the supermarket spending closely again in March, but we have lots of food here and spent very little. So it's all good.

Just a reminder, if anyone else wants to do the Easter/Spring swap leave a comment on Feb 6th post.