Monday, 15 February 2016

Just a another Manic Monday (Not Really)

Welcome to my new follower Edwina.

My Monday so far

Cup of tea and breakfast in bed ( we always do this now)

Hubby goes in the bathroom first if I fancy a read.

I do a little reading, until the bathroom is free.

Strip the bed.
Put the washing machine on.

Take out any rubbish, recycling etc.

Check the birdtable.

Put the dishwasher on if it is full.

Put the fresh bedding on.

Have a wipe around in the kitchen, it has had a deep/spring clean, just doing a few cupboard doors or a surface daily keeps it clean and tidy.

Clean the bathroom.

Put the washing out.

Empty the dishwasher.

Have a break, to check banking, emails, freebies, freecycle, do a few surveys, visit blogland.

Have a little dust around.

Have some lunch.

I do not give cash donations to charities, but I do shop in Charity Shops and do put bits in the bags if I have anything, for obvious reasons I always like to put something in these. So will have a root around and  put something in these.

Went out into the garden do some weeding.

Then inside the greenhouse to sow some seeds.

Today I have sown, Moneymaker Tomato, Cherry Tomato, Pepper, Mini Cucumber, Regular Cucumber, Chilli, Rocket, Lettuce and Micro salad leaves.

Back in to warm up now (time 3.20 now) relax a bit before picking in the washing, then sort out the tea.

We don't usually go Tesco anymore, but darling son asked if we could take him up after tea.
So Tesco after tea.

Back home.

Sit down for an hour in the lounge.

Then snuggle up in bed and watch some Netflix.

A normal standard day, just doing simple every day things.

But I'm happy.