Monday, 29 February 2016

Hello & Welcome to my new follower Pauline.

We have done all we can to encourage the birds in the garden, we have the bird table, we have put out sunflower hearts, niger seed, fat balls, suet logs, nibbed peanuts, whole peanuts (in the feeder) , seed, meal worms.
There is a dish under the table, also a dish under the tree, we thought this would encourage some more . Yesterday hubby put up one of the big feeders.
Nice and high they should like that.

This is all the visitors yesterday.

The hen Blackbird eating mealworms under the tree.

Two male Blackbirds where chasing each other around after her attention, but she saw them both off.

The Bluetit  tried out the new feeder, he was taking sunflower hearts to the tree to eat.

And then, this really made my day.

This was in the garden behind.

Then when I looked out a bit later.

I am a happy girl now, I knew a decent bird bath would encourage more to come in.