Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Frugal Food

This weeks Frugal Food.

These were the ducks we got reduced for the freezer just after Christmas.
We had one roasted a few weeks back.
 On Monday I made Duck in Redcurrant sauce.

Yesterday leftover duck in a stir fry.

Today soup for tea, with bread.  I have lots of homemade in the freezer but I thought I would use this one up first. 19p bargain.

I have just rummaged and took this out for tommorow.

That was a fantastic bargain, I will add peppers, onion, mushroom and make a sausage plait, , the leftover will be eaten on Friday for tea.

I have had these Pears for about 3 weeks and they weren't ripening.

I also found a wrinkly Apple.

So I chopped it all up , added a few bits and poached them.

Perfect for breakfast with yogurt.

So this weeks food has cost very little.