Monday, 22 February 2016

Approved Foods

A few weeks ago I heard a few other bloggers mention Approved Foods, for those who have never heard it , it is an online retailer selling short date food and drinks, some of it is out of date, some is near to the date and there is still lots of products in date.

I have used in the past and they have always been very good, I haven't had anything for nearly a year so I thought I would do an order.

I spent under £50 inc postage, some of the items were for our son, I won't show you everything or I will be here all day. Here are some of my best buys.

The Naan breads had Jan date on them, it was four packs of 2 for £1.00, I ordered two lots, but only got charged £1.00 so eight packs for £1.00, the bread and roll mix was out of date, but I have never found that a problem it was only £1.00 for 3.5 kg.

£1.99 for a case of six curry kits, each serves 2, contains curry paste, coconut milk and desiccated coconut.

Lots of other bits for stir fry and a couple other curry kits.

2.25 kg Bouillon Mixes, 99p each, the chicken had Jan 2016 date, but the beef had June 2017.
 Oxo veg stock, 75p for a pack of 24.

Some part bake rolls, 99p for three packs of 6, £1.98 for 36 rolls.

Some fruit teas , bagged up in 20's they call these De Identified, so basically you don't know what make it is, I love my fruit teas so I took a chance.

In total I had 80 Blackcurrant, 80 lemon and ginger, 80 Mixed Berry, £3.00 for the lot.

I have just made a cup of the blackcurrant and it is very nice.

This was just a little bit of the order, I had lots for my money.
You have to be careful though as there is also a load of c**p on there.

So do you buy approved foods?