Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Yellow Stickers & Frugal Food

Yesterday was hubby's birthday, our son didn't have anything on at Uni so joined us for lunch. We treated ourselves to a nice piece of beef, it was £9.89 that was a big spend for me. But you know me I make the money work and make it stretch.

Our son needed some groceries so we popped up to Asda on the way back.
I tried to find some cheap cream so I could demonstrate the butter churner (sadly didn't find any) but I found this little lot.

Yes I got bread, you know my lovely freecycle bread maker, well it wasn't so good, I wander if the people we got it from knew it had problems, because I made two loaves and the third time I used it it cut all the electric out and started smelling funny, so not very happy about that :-(

We had this fruit for breakfast and finished it off after lunch.

Will be used for bubble and squeak.

These four punnets of  strawberries were turned into jam.

Nothing gets wasted, the plastic packaging will be used in the greenhouse.

Frugal food.

So yesterday it was Roast Beef , I made some extra.
Today is salad I will use the reduced salad and cucumber, then just add red onions, pepper, tomatoes and some shreds of the roast beef.
Tomorrow will be  the leftover Roast.
Thursday will be bubble and squeak, with some rashers of bacon which needed using up and a fried egg on top.

 Also I had a cauliflower  and some tomatoes which needed using up so made a cauliflower cheese and added some of the bacon which needed using up for the freezer.

Cheap tasty simple meals which don't cost much.