Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Welcome to my new followers Meg & Lee Ann.

We have been here for six months now and I have never been happy with my kitchen cupboards, so decided to give them a good sort and tidy.It is good to do this regularly just so you can remember what you have.

So here are my cupboards, all tidy and neat.

On the top shelf are last years, jams , marmalades, etc, I did not make that many due to moving, any thing I have made so far and the rest of this years preserves I am putting in the spare room in the storage, so I make sure the oldest ones get used first.

That is our Toad in the hole for tea tonight, baking in the oven.

Tommorow a few more cupboards and drawers to be sorted, and then tiles, doors and surfaces to have a really good clean.
 I am in Spring Cleaning mode, I would rather tidy and sort when the weather is not good.

On another note, I went up to Asda today, I saw this in the their free magazine.

I'm afraid I am not saving £144 with them just to get £6 free, I am not loyal to any supermarket, I have to shop around for the bargains and deals.

After Asda I popped into Home Bargains for a few store cupboard items, I spotted these.

I have always wanted to grow Lily of the Valley.
They were only £1.49.