Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Welcome to my new followers Julia, Leah, & Linda.
My followers seem to be growing fast now, I still can't believe anyone reads my drivel.

When I get to 100 followers I will do a giveaway.

After doing a spot of housework today I thought I would do a bit of crafting, I got a job lot of peeloffs and stickers off the famous auction site really cheaply before Christmas so I thought I would make some gift tags for next year.

The card I used worked out at 8 pence a sheet, so these were very cheap to make.

I am not a brilliant crafter, these are just nice and simple, but they will do the job nicely.

I am going to try and make all my cards this year, so I printed out some lovely papers.

I also made a start on recycling the Christmas cards, I still have lots more to sort out tommorow. Nothing gets wasted here.

That kept me amused for a few hours today.

Also my latest Freecycle freebie.

180 bottles of water.

I drink more water than anything else, in the kitchen I have a large bottle on the go, but our son drinks the smaller ones in Uni and I always keep one by the bed. I just can't drink tap water.
So this has saved us a few pounds.