Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Twelve Days of Christmas - Gift Swap

Welcome to my new follower FishcakeRandom.

I took part in The Twelve days of Christmas gift swap which was organised by Jo from

I was drawn to swap with Jo herself, here are the lovely gifts she gave me.

Day 1 

What a great idea, eat the sweeties and re use the bauble.

Day 2

Looking forward to watching this.                                                       

 Day 3                                                           
A lovely book to add to my collection.

Day 4

Always useful.

Day 5

What a lovely selection of seeds

Day 6

This is now hanging on my kitchen door.

Day 7

Pretty Tissues and Mini Emery Boards.

Day 8

A cute bookmark

Day 9

Some fruity bath bombs

Day 10

A lovely Owl Suncatcher

Day 11

I do love stationery

Day 12

OOPs it didn't make the picture unopened :-)

Thankyou  so much Jo for everything I really loved all the gifts.

If you pop over to Jo's blog you can also see the gifts I sent to her.
I really enjoy swaps, I will be hosting some swaps this year myself.


  1. Wow, so many lovely gifts :) they are so pretty, especially the stationery set, i'm like you i adore pretty stationary
    I'll have to participate in this years one, i love giving gifts, and the whole process of finding and wrapping them :) xx

  2. Ha ha, I got some Green & Blacks ginger choccie in another swap, it's so hard to resist, isn't it? Glad you like the gifts I sent. Thank you for yours, I'm thrilled with everything you sent. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the swaps you'll be hosting, I've become quite a swap addict over the last couple of months.

  3. ooh, I'd have been the same with the Green & Blacks! You got some lovely pressies there :O) x

  4. You both received some great gifts, it was a lovely swap to take part in x

    1. It was, will be doing more for sure x

  5. The gift swap looks fantastic. What lovely surprises to open each day.

    1. I don't get many gifts so this was a bonus x

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. What a lovely idea and some lovely gifts there not surprised the chocolate didn't make it :-) dee x

    1. Hi Dee, I am a chocoholic I'm afraid xx

  7. I'm sorry you have the winter blues :o( hope you can find something to put the sunshine in the grey days xx

    1. Thanks Sadie I will try and get my act together x


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