Friday, 1 January 2016

 The first day of the New Year has been bitterly cold, I only ventured out just to see if there were any bargains in the supermarket.

I only found a things today.

Bananas 10p
Pancakes 9p

In the week I usually eat sensibly and have Museli, at weekends I eat whatever I like.
So Pancakes with Bananas and Maple Syrup tommorow.

Some Christmas serviettes 30p a pack.

 This 1kg Brie was only £1.00 and it is not out of date until 10th, what a bargain.
I don't eat that much cheese but hubby and son do.

3 pots of Double Cream

19p each.

I have already turned them into butter.

This time I tried making it in the machine it actually seemed to take longer than the jam jar method and also created more washing up.

I have just made a discovery you can get a Kilner Butter Churner, which is basically a Kilner Jar with a paddle and handle.

We had a Dunelm gift card amongst our Christmas presents, so we are going to buy one from Dunelm with some butter paddles.

Does any one have one?