Friday, 29 January 2016

Other than cleaning the fridge and cooker my deep clean in the kitchen is done, yesterday afternoon I thought I would relax and rustle up a few cards.
Thankyou Fiona for giving me the idea of using magazine cuttings for card making, something I would never have thought of.
It is a good way to recycle, I rarely buy magazines, but we have lots of local free glossy publications so I will have a good look through them next time.

Here are four which used magazine cuttings.

Then I just made a few simple ones.

I am not really very good at crafts, but I do enjoy making cards, it is very relaxing.

I will be cheating next week I have some wildlife kits coming, so looking forward to making them up.

If like me you like your houseplants, Morrisons plant of the week are "Pot Mums" for £1.00, they have a variety of colours, I chose one of these for a change.

I do love plants and flowers around the house, but only buy them when I spot a good deal.