Monday, 11 January 2016

Making the money work harder.

Firstly apologies for the poor quality of my photos, my small camera is worn out and isn't focusing properly. I shall have to stop being lazy and get the big one out, or use my phone.

The next few years here we want to focus on saving as much money as possible,there are blogs who scrimp and save and supposedly go without a holiday, heating, days out, and live a not very exciting existance, well that's not for me,  we probably will have a holiday this year, and a few days out, I will be be hosting a giveaway and a few swaps on the blog, and inbetween we need to look after those pennies.

Today we had to go into the bank, and we spotted a fruit & veg stall.

I got a bag of veg for £2.00

All of these Tomatoes for £1.50
 4 small punnets of Strawberries for £1.00
It was all lovely and fresh, when I see it like this it makes me start to question myself, why do I want to grow my own?
But I still will while we are here and have the greenhouse and a little growing area, might as well make it work, I have thousands of seeds and can still grow things at very little cost.

So before I put this lot away, I had to see what was left in the drawers of the fridge.
Some well past it carrots, a few spring onions, a wrinkly green pepper a little bit of salad, bit of a cabbage, I also found a few sprouting spuds.

There were also a few ends of Cheese in the fridge, then I just added some onions, squirt of tomato puree, and very small pinch of chilli flakes and seasoning.

Boiled it all up.

Gave it a blitz,  we have 3 meals for hubby and myself. I just love soup.

 I had a little taste and it was very nice, one for tommorow and two for the freezer.

I also  had quite a bit of the hugh piece of Brie I got for £1.00 left. It had yesterdays date on it but was still lovely and fresh, but we are a bit fed up with cheese, I had a google and saw that it could be frozen. You have to let it thaw in the fridge, apparently the texture changes a bit, but I will use it for Mac Cheese, and I have a nice Pasta with Brie and Bacon recipe. So that was wrapped and put into the freezer.

Hugh would be proud of me I'm not wasting a thing.

I forgot to say I popped into Poundland and found these.

I love Dahlias, I will start them off in pots, and keep some in pots and then some will go right into the garden.

Imagine how much they would have cost from the garden centre.

So that was a very thrifty start to the week.