Friday, 22 January 2016

I was meant to be posting my video on the Kilner Butter Churner today. It all started off well, but after a few minutes something wasn't right, whilst the handle was meant to be turning the mechanism it kept missing and starting making an awful noise, we knew something wasn't right, we must have picked up a faulty one, very disappointed, we are going to take it back and get a refund.

Hubby finished making the  butter by the jam jar method.

I made him a nice cheese and pickle sandwich for lunch using some of the butter.

I had to laugh he said it was very nice, but just a shame it nearly killed him making the butter .


Never Mind.. Moving On...

Today the weather is much milder, but a few days ago it was extremely cold.

Still not much action on the birds, we did get one new visitor.

I have named this pigeon Percy, he was coming around regularly and looking for food on the ground under the bird table, I thought if I put some seed in a dish it might encourage other visitors in, there are now a few blackbirds which visit daily.

I have seen the Goldfinches over the fence, but they still haven't ventured in.

Now remember the dolls house I got from freecycle.

Hubby has done some work on it. The inside just needs re decorating.

But I have decided this one and and also this  purple which just needs decorating inside will be moved on , because I found something else.

I spotted an ad on Gumtree.

This was someone's project which they never completed.

It is really big, it was only £20, lots of ideas for this one.

Note to myself, I must resist the temptation to by any more ( but I can't see that not happening).