Sunday, 10 January 2016

Bit of an allsorts post.

Welcome to my new followers Fast SOS  & Marlene & Angie who followed me before.

Well I have been right fed up the last few days, I have definitely got the winter blues. I been feeling awful for a few months now (mind you the last few years that has been the norm for me) I am aching all over. Just after Christmas the doc sent me for a bone scan, I went for the results yesterday, the radioactive substance they put into you hightlights any problems, it highlighted my neck and lower spine. So I will have to go back and have a back x ray. There's always something isn't there, anyway I awoke this morning and decided not to let things get me down and get on with it.

I usually class Sunday as a day of rest, but as we are off up the town tommorow, I did tommorow's jobs, I cleaned the bathroom changed the bedding, little bit of cleaning in the kitchen, and did the washing and ironing.

Some music helped me along the way.
I love the lyrics of the first track.

"Good Morning"

Good morning, welcome to the thing called light.
Good morning, don't you let it pass you by.
We laugh, we cry and then we dry our eyes,
We fall, we rise, ready for another try.

When life gets tough, remember we were never born to die,
When times get tough remember we were born to be alive.

Good morning, wake up and live the life,
And don't forget to dream the dreams, the dreams.
And don't forget to live the dreams and dream
And don't forget to dream the wonderful things.

I call this room the office, but it has another table where I can craft as well, this has also had a good clean, all drawers and cupboards sorted, I like to be neat and organised.

The wardrobe is just in there as extra storage, it has shoes, cd's allsorts of things in there.

My task next week is the bedroom.

I have started to sort and tidy my make up and smellies, I will not be buying anymore this year,or infact for the next few years as I have lots.

I have lots of free samples as well.

The next task is to tidy the clothes and drawers.

When I popped into the garden, I saw the Camelia had lots of buds on it and bits of pink starting to come through, I hope the cold doesn't kill it off again, apparently the next few days are meant to be getting colder.

The Hyacinth's are coming along nicely. 2 pink ones, not sure what colour the other one is going to be, I just love the fragrance  of Hyacinth's .

The Poinsettia is still doing well, do they come back every year? What do I need to do to it? If I can keep it I will, save buying one next year.

We had a Roast yesterday before my son when back to his Uni digs, so today was one of my favourites, Toast, Pate & Salad, with a small glass of Chardonnay.

It is on offer for £4.00 a bottle at Morrisons, so we had a box of six.
Very nice too.

When I earn Amazon vouchers for doing surveys I get myself another book.

I got this gorgeous book .

Marily Monroe Metamorphosis.

Full of lovely glossy images.

A really nice book.

For those of you who were interested in the Kilner Butter Churner video I was going to make, I went to Dunelm and they didn't have one so they are seeing if they can get one in for me, so will be another week or so.

Anyway enjoy the rest of your weekend  x