Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Welcome to my new follower Lorraine.

In the lounge here we have twelve spot lights in the ceiling , they do have a dimmer switch but they are still too bright, I have been wanting to get one of these uplighters for a while.

You know the saying everything comes to those who wait.

I found this lovely one, as new off of Freecycle. 

Just the job, I love it.

Today hubby and son had to go up to the town together to do their Christmas shopping, I tagged along as we don't go up the town that often, I thought I could have a little browse on my own.

Now I am a very tolerant and patient person, but today I could have strangled several people, the town was packed, people pushing, shoving, you get the picture.

I wish I had stayed at home.

I had a look in the Charity shops, I didn't find anything in there, and then I just went to Poundland and Wilko, to get a few things.

I found a Niger Seed feeder and some Niger Seed in a bid to lure the Goldfinches into the garden, Some nuts for the blue tit and a little treat for my two friendly Robins.

Just a few basic Card Making supplies.

I love these Sparkly Embellishments from Poundland.

You can also find some nice books.

I do like a bit of Nail Polish, found these two today.

And that was that for me I had enough, so went and waited in the car, hubby and son where gone a very long time.

They have gone in the bedroom with the paper and sellotape. :-)

Tommorow we are going out to get the fresh bits, like veg, cream, cheese etc.

Then we can relax.

So are you all sorted now?