Saturday, 12 December 2015

The birds are starting to explore the garden at last. (Hooray)

In the last week we have discovered the Robin has a little mate, they have started coming around together , a Great Tit came in for a Sunflower Heart, a Blue Tit stopped by, I saw a Wren under the Tree, and yesterday a Blackbird was out digging for worms. 

Apart from the Robins who are now regulars the others only visited briefly,before I have chance to get the camera they are gone,  but that was a start.

I have put a dish of water out for the Robin, he has a nice drink and bath everyday.

We have sold lots of unwanted items on Ebay the last few weeks, and decided we are using the money to get a lovely solar power  water feature/bird bath.

Here is the Robin having is daily bath.

He is getting use to seeing us about and getting confident.